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17 November 2008 @ 10:19 am
'Cause all the cat owners are doing it:

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

This was no surprise.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

She's no killer, just neurotic.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

If he was, he would do it only if you touched his belly too much.

And because I can't seem to settle down to work (and thus, I'm a big waste of space today!), the following results:

Name That Dog Breed
Name That Dog Breed

Name That Soda
Name that Soda

Name That Color
Name That Color

I cheated and did this twice. Carmine didn't look like carmine! I know my colors!

Name That Candy Bar
Name That Candy Bar

Name That Movie Villain
Name That Movie Villain
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08 September 2008 @ 07:31 pm
Just had to post this. Was frittering away time on the 'net when I came across a new release by a "brutal death metal" band named Unburied. The name of the CD is Slut Decapitator. Here's the track list:
1. The Putrid Stench Of Humanity 01:35
2. Slut Decapitator 04:24
3. Love For Dismemberment 01:41
4. End It With A Knife 01:33
5. Human Butchery 02:53
6. Tortured Remains 03:40
7. Domicile Of Flesh 02:22
8. Gore Soaked Revenge 01:55
9. Evil Lurks Within 02:12
10. Stab Hate Mutilate 02:42

I mean, o-O? I have a healthy appreciation for metal now, but isn't this laughable? I don't know how serious it is, or if they are poking fun at themselves (in which case, more power to them), but...really.

I just saw a video this morning which showed dead Afghan children (doubtless they were "expendable" or "collateral damage") during the U.S.'s latest airstrike. We claimed that only 9 civilians died, but now they are calling for an investigation into it, as there seems to be a lot more women, children, elderly, etc. dead than they first reported. What a surprise. End this stupid war.

I find it hard to even find "Human Butchery" amusing when we have our own horror in the here and now. Sorry if this sounds too glum, but I really don't see the entertainment value in shit like that.
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03 September 2008 @ 09:04 pm
Threads on the phorum and conversation with Jen tonight made me think of this. Jen, this is for you - maybe I gave birth to a couple of flying monkeys!
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15 August 2008 @ 10:44 am
Pssst! C'mere! Yeah, you. I got something to show you...

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23 June 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Happy Birthday, Olwes! I wish you many happy returns of the day, and that all your birthday wishes come true. Have a wonderful day and an even better year.



21 May 2008 @ 08:45 am
Happy Birthday, Simone!
Many happy returns of the day, and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

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So, we are getting "Winter Storm" warnings all over the place. Snow is supposed to start coming down tonight and continue all day tomorrow. Our particular area (we're in a snow zone) is supposed to get over two feet! Yikes! I've never minded driving in the snow - good thing, too. Because RIT won't close, I'm sure. We're really getting hit with a lot of snow this year. Last year was pretty mild - it got cold, but we didn't get much snow. At least Johnny is enjoying it!

I've had boxes ready to mail out for ages - I procrastinated getting them to the post office so long that now I'm re-opening them and including Christmas gifts! I'm so pathetic...if procrastination were a science, I'd have a doctorate. Well, if we are snowed in tomorrow, I should be able to get everything wrapped up and ready to go.

I put our new 99 cent entertainment center up, and cleaned out the old one. We are really bad - I have almost 200 DVDs, plus seasons 1-8 of the X-Files, which is another 48 DVDs, and ended up tossing out about about 50 VHS tapes. I've got about 25 p[re-recorded movies to sell, and that's not counting the Disney ones. But I got the surround-sound working. We've had the speakers hooked up for a while, but I couldn't get it working properly. I got the correct digital cable, and it sounds great now.

Johnny got his hair cut this morning, and I did, too. His was getting soooo long. He has perfected that "head flip" that gets his bangs out of his eyes that boys do; anyone know what I mean? I got my hair trimmed; I'm growing it long again. It seems like all of a sudden it was halfway down my back. But it was straggly on the ends - it feels much better now. The only thing it needs is to be coloured now. My roots (the "white") are showing, lol!

I'm slowly but surely getting back to normal. I still need some more sleep than I like, but I really do feel so much better. I'm getting things organized, cleaned, repaired, and thrown out - stuff that hasn't been done for a long time. I'm not having a yard sale for a while, but I'm getting the stuff ready. Next spring, I'll have a lot to get rid of, and I'll donate the rest like I usually do. We have waaaay too much "stuff."

I'm so jealous of all those in Europe who have been enjoying the Apo concerts - it sounds, without exception, like they are fantastic, and the guys are in great form. But I also want to see all of you again, and meet those I haven't met yet. I'm really hoping that a lot of you can come here next year and hit a couple of concerts!

Kristina is home, she had her last day Friday. She has almost a month before she returns for the Spring semester. She'll probably be substitute-teaching most of the time. Life is good for her now - she's doing well.

Well, I'm off to do some more cleaning/wrapping/organising! If I've promised you a package, please forgive me for being such a loser and so cheap that I am waiting to mail to you until Monday. As I've said before, I mean well...
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07 December 2007 @ 11:40 am

Happy Birthday, Dear Christen!
Many happy returns of the day, and may all your birthday wishes come true.

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02 December 2007 @ 08:23 pm
Regje! Mieke! I'm so sorry I missed your birthdays! These are for you...

My heartfelt wishes that your days were extra-special and filled with wonder and good surprises! May all of your birthday wishes come true.

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14 November 2007 @ 08:50 pm
Yes, I'm still alive - barely.
It's our busy week - end of the quarter for our students - and I'm working like crazy. I'm barely functioning, but I'll post an update soon.

In the meantime, this book meme (which I left out some - It's your fault anyway, Steph! I stopped at your great "Charlotte" picture...) which is going around hereCollapse )
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